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    Blog — fish blood on shirt

    How To Wash UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts

    How To Wash UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts

    Many people ask us, how do you wash your UPF fishing shirt.  It's pretty simple, but you will want to remember one important factor.  Avoid high temperatures.  

    Washing your shirt is pretty easy. You can wash with colors and on cold or warm water. Once again, you do not want to expose the fabric to high heat. You can use Oxyclean type cleaners to spot treat fish blood areas or soiled areas on the shirt.  Since our graphics are printed INTO the material, the colors should be safe. 

    Drying your shirt on high temperatures will cause damage to the fabric which can cause the UPF rating to decrease. To maximize the protectiveness, only dry on low to medium heat or you can always hang it out to dry the old fashioned way. The shirt will shrink some, but this is a good thing.  It causes the fabric to become closer together, improving the UPF factor. 

    Do use cold or warm water.

    Do use spot treatment to bloody areas of the shirt as soon as possible. 

    Do dry the material on low to medium heat. 



    Don't wash using hot water.

    Don't dry using high heat.

    Don't use bleach.

    Don't get near high heat areas such as boat motors or any type of open flame. 


    Once again, we are here to help you like family. Just drop us an email or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.