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    Hi and thank you for taking the time to read "Our Story".

    Clint and Taressa are the proud owners of Bones Outfitters.  This company, founded by two men in South Florida, decided to hand this off to an Emergency Room Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner in 2018. 

    Not only seeing cancer in our working environment, we both, like many, have had cancer effect our families. With breast cancer and skin cancer on both sides of our family, we knew that we could help impact more than just our patients in the clinical setting.  We want to get the word out on sun safety as well.

    We all love to enjoy our off time doing whatever it is we love. We should not have to worry about, or may not even have the time to think about, the damage to our skin while enjoying the outdoor life. We want you to be well informed and protected from the UV rays from our beautiful sun. 

    Our promise to you:  We will never decrease the quality of our products to make more money. We will also never outsource our manufacturing to another country.  Always Made in the USA. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our product. If not, let us know in the email below and we will make it right.  This email will go directly to us. No third party answering service that does not know the manufacturing or technology behind our product. If you just want to say "Hi", that is fine too! we will respond as soon as possible.  We want you to join our Bones Outfitters Family and we want you to know we appreciate your business and our concern for your skin safety. 

    Clint and Taressa
    Bones Outfitters - Owners