UV Protective Clothing VS SPF For Sun Protection

UV Protective Clothing VS SPF For Sun Protection

Research over the past 50 years has brought much attention to the need for sun protection, and for good reason. Too much radiation from the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer, and almost 9 in 10 cases of melanoma could be prevented with safe sun protection.


Sunscreen has long been a powerful mechanism to keep sun-baskers protected, whether headed for a day at the beach, over the course of a long workday, or during varying forms of sport. Brands have thousands of products boasting SPF as the single best form of protection from the sun, and while lotions that contain SPF are indeed necessary for sensitive areas like the face and neck, folks often forget to re-apply as directed, risking dangerous health ramifications.


Now, there is new technology that has brought about a more complete solution for sun protection called UVP clothing – something especially beneficial for anglers who often spend hours in the sun partaking in their favorite sport.  


Traditionally, guarding yourself from the sun’s powerful and damaging UV rays has presented three options: using moisturizers and creams that contain SPF, layering clothing over exposed areas, or simply limiting one’s time out in the sun. When it comes to the gear necessary to participate in what should be relaxing and fulfilling leisure time, packing bottles of lotion are just an added headache. Additionally, wearing too many layers can often become cumbersome and uncomfortable. It would seem there were few alternatives in guarding oneself against the sun’s harmful rays. That is, until now.


The Difference Between SPF and UVP


UVP, or UV protective outerwear, has grown in popularity among avid explorers of the outdoors. Our UV protective fishing shirts are, in many ways, more effective than SPF. UV-blocking textiles have been designed to be breathable, water-wicked, and come in a variety of styles to suit your particular needs and weather conditions. The difference is in the way the material is weaved together, making its resistance to UV radiation most effective.


While lotions and other topical treatments are measured by SPF, these textiles are measured by UPF, and there’s a distinct difference between the two. SPF, or sun protection factor, measures the degree of protection from the sun’s UVB rays. UV protective clothing, on the other hand, can protect from both UVB and UVA rays, which is measured by UPF (UV protection factor).


Why You Should Add UV Protective Clothing to Your Arsenal


Sun protection is a major concern for anglers. Skin cancer is particularly worrisome as the time spent in the sun is only amplified by its reflection off the water. Thankfully, there is a better solution.


According to medical professionals, UVP clothing with UVF of 50+ has the greatest efficacy in resisting both UVA and UVB rays. Much like SPF 50 will protect skin from 98% of UVB rays, a UVF of 50+ will protect from 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.


Rather than grapple with the constant reapplication of sunscreen and wearing bulky clothing that is less than conducive to your time on the water, it provides a comfortable solution which will ultimately allow you to be healthier and safer while you’re out in the open air. Combining your usual regiment of sunscreen with UVP apparel makes for optimal comfort and safety.


Bones Outfitters specialize in providing the best performance fishing gear. Our outdoor apparel is no exception, and that’s why we offer shirts that are UVF 55+. Outdoorsmen (and women) want to be in nature, not limited by potential sunburns. UVP outerwear is the ideal solution for anglers of all skill levels, so you can get out there and enjoy your sport-- without the fuss.